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Mi-17 spare parts catalog

One of the largest supplier of spare parts for Russian helicopters

Drawing number Name
RM-355G Mounting frame
BRN120T5A-3C Voltage regulation unit
BZUNP355G Protection and control unit
BTT40BT Block of current transformers
BCHF-208 Phase Alternation Unit
TS310S04B Transformer
TR-115/36 Step-down transformer
SPO-9 Static single-phase converter
APSH-3M Automatic tire switching
BSGO400A Block
DMR-200VU Complex apparatus
APD-78A Automatic engine start
SHRAP-500K The plug of the aerodrome power plug connector
SHRAP-400-3F The plug of the aerodrome power plug connector
AZP-A2 Automatic protection
DMR-200D Differential relay
PH-120U Voltage regulator