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Mi-17 spare parts catalog

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Preparation for storage

Maintenance of MI-series helicopters during storage is necessary if the helicopter does not rise into the air for some time. It includes:

  • preparation of aircraft for storage;
  • maintenance of 10±2 s;
  • maintenance of 30 ±5 s.;
  • 90 days ±10 days;
  • 180 days ±30 days;
  • preparation of the aircraft for flights after storage.

The tasks of the maintenance include maintaining the working condition of the MI vessel and the ability to quickly prepare it for operation. Seasonal maintenance. This type of maintenance is performed during the preparation of MI-8/17/171 helicopters, in the Russian Federation for the autumn-winter and spring-summer periods. This is due to the difference in the wear of the coating, rubber products and other features of the operation of aircraft at different temperatures.


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