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Mi-17 spare parts catalog

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Vibration dampener (vibration dampener) : 8AMT-1250-00

  • Name: Vibration Dampener (Vibration dampener)
  • Designation: 8AMT-1250-00
  • In stock: on order
  • Delivery time: 60 days

Vibration dampener (vibration dampener) 8AMT-1250-00 is designed to dampen the vibrations of the main rotor sleeve in the plane of rotation in order to reduce the vibration level of the helicopter. It is installed in Mi-8 and Mi-17 helicopters to reduce the vibration level of a number of systems and assemblies, increase the operational reliability of the helicopter’s aviation and electronic equipment, as well as to improve the working conditions of the crew.

Vibration dampener size, mm:

mass, kg85.4
weight with accessories, kg90.2
ring tank capacity, l1.5