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Mi-17 spare parts catalog

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Main rotor bushing: 8-1930-000

  • Name: Main Rotor Bushing
  • Designation: 8-1930-000
  • In stock: 1 unit.
  • Delivery time: in stock

The main rotor sleeve is designed for fixing the blades, transmitting torque to the blades from the propeller shaft, as well as for perception and transmission to the fuselage of aerodynamic forces arising on the rotor blades.

The Mi-8 main rotor sleeve is five-bladed with spaced and rotated horizontal hinges, vertical hinges, a swing compensator and a centrifugal overhang limiter.

The swing compensator serves to reduce the amplitude of the swing movements of the blades and the blockage of the rotor cone. The design of the sleeve is made so that when the blade swings relative to the horizontal hinge, the angle of installation changes. Thus, when swinging up, the installation angle decreases, and when swinging down, it increases.

The centrifugal overhang limiter is designed to prevent the blades from hitting the structural elements of the airframe at low speeds of the main rotor.