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Air transport requires special requirements for checking its serviceability and maintenance. This is explain due to the high risk of accidents in the air. This article is based on the recommendations of JSC "ARZ", the holding company "Russian Helicopters". Activities that make up the maintenance of helicopters. Maintenance of MI-8/17/171 helicopters, as well as their modifications, is not a single operation. This is a set of procedures carried out in different situations that have a specific purpose. Also, maintenance in the Russian Federation is divided into categories depending on the aircraft system: • the control the condition of the airframe and power plant; • inspection and maintenance of aviation and radio-electronic devices; • the control the condition of the chassis; • the control the condition of the carrier system. Maintenance of helicopters can be operational or periodic, and in the case of its storage: seasonal or special. Operational maintenance includes the following actions • • meeting the aircraft ; • parking arrangement (PA); • organization of departure the aircraft (OD); • inspection and maintenance-forms ОВ-1, А-1, А-2,Б. PA begins if the ship's crew transfers it for maintenance for more than two hours or when moving it to another location. OD is performed as a pre-flight preparation of the vessel, without exceptions, without taking into account whether the operational form was carried out.

Periodic maintenance

The list of actions performed during periodic maintenance in the Russian Federation includes: • preliminary preparation; • diagnostics and repair, if necessary; • grease works; • commissioning work...


Preparation for storage.

Maintenance of MI-series helicopters during storage is necessary if the helicopter does not rise into the air for some time. It includes: • preparation of aircraft for storage; • maintenance of 10±2 s...


A special maintenance.

Special maintenance does not have a time frame and is assigned when special circumstances occur. It is carried out to confirm the safety of further use of MI-8/17/171 Helicopters, or to bring it into...


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