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Mi-17 spare parts catalog

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Tail gear: 246-1517-000

  • Name: Tail Gear
  • Designation: 246-1517-000
  • In stock: 1 unit(2018)
  • Delivery time: in stock

The tail gear is designed to rotate the tail rotor with the desired number of revolutions.

Rotation is carried out by a pair of bevel gears located at an angle of 90 °. In addition to the bevel gear, the tail gear also contains a variable pitch control mechanism of the tail rotor. The crankcase has three cylindrical bores in which a cup with a driving gear, a lid with a driven gear and a tail rotor control rod assembly are installed. There are partitions in the crankcase cavity for installing bearing supports for bevel gears.

The tail gear is attached to the flange of the end beam.