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Mi-17 spare parts catalog

One of the largest supplier of spare parts for Russian helicopters

Drawing number Name
UI1-3K (KCH) Indicator
ITE-1T Indicator
D-1M U2 Primary converter
IP-21-15 Position indicator of moving elements
DS-11 Selsinny sensor
RT-12-6 ser.2 Temperature controller
P-77 var.2 Temperature receiver
IKD27Da-220-780 Pressure measuring complex
IR-117M Mode meter
DVK Altitude correction sensor
ITE-2T Indicator
D-2M U2 Primary converter
2IA-6 Dual measuring equipment
IV-500E ser.2 Vibration monitoring equipment
UI3-3K (KCH) Indicator
IMD-8 Induction sensor
UI3-6K (KCH) Indicator
ID-8 Induction sensor
TUE-48 Universal Electric Resistance Thermometer
2UT-6K Temperature indicator
2UE-6B ser. 2 Electronic double amplifier
UsS-6 ser.2 Matching device
MV-03-1 Piezoelectric sensor
BAP-1 Block of emergency warning signals
BU-1 Notification Signal Block
BK-7 Switching unit
TST-282S Thermoelectric thermometer