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Periodic maintenance

The list of actions performed during periodic maintenance in the Russian Federation includes:

  • preliminary preparation;
  • diagnostics and repair, if necessary;
  • grease works;
  • commissioning work.

This type of maintenance of MI helicopters is assigned after a flight of more than 50 hours after the start of flights of the aircraft or repair. It includes the Ф-1 form, in the future, after working out 100, 300, 500 hours of flight, Ф-2, Ф-3 and Ф-4 are performed. The addition of these forms does not depend on the tolerances of the previous forms of the maintenance. All maintenance operations under consideration have the same tolerance, which is equal to plus or minus 10 flight hours. If the maintenance of MI-series helicopters is carried out by a phased method, the tolerance can be increased to 20 hours for work carried out after 100 hours or more.

The schedule of the inspection of the engines is compiled according to the time of the glider’s flight. If the helicopter needs to replace the engine or other significant parts due to resource depletion, or the aircraft is undergoing maintenance ahead of schedule, repairs and maintenance are carried out, required by the available number of glider hours spent in the air and by the time of:

  • the engine;
  • airframe elements or wiring that are available only when the engine or component is removed.

In the future, all maintenance of the engine and other helicopter systems is carried out in normal mode, according to a single time schedule. The starting point is the helicopter glider. Periodic maintenance includes checking the engine, the condition of oils and aggregates that have a limited resource. Elements that have failed are identified and replaced, grease are replaced.


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